Response to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Nakan Techno Co., Ltd. 25th March, 2020


 First, we express our sincerest hope that all virus-infected pneumonia (COVID-19) patients will recover soon.


 Nakan Techno organized the Emergency Task Force which includes our president Mr. Yoshihisa Sato as the chairman on 31th Jan, and has been continually implementing countermeasures based on following policy and the principal measures.


1. Basic policy

 (1) We puts the highest priority on maintaining the safety and health of all our employees and their families.

 (2) We try our best to take measures to prevent the spread of infections, considering the social impact.


2. Maintain health of our employees and sanitary control

 (1)We provide masks and obligate to put it on to all employees.

 (2) Thorough management of body temperature to all employees, by checking 3times a day using “Health control check sheet”

   (If any employee has high temperature, will be suspended to go to office immediately)

 (3) We provide disinfection liquid to each section in whole company.

 (4) We put disinfection liquid spray in every entrance of our factory and office.

 (5) We enforce all employees to do frequent hand washing and good manner of cough

 (6) We implement frequent indoor air ventilation.

 (7) Employees are advised not to travel unless it is urgent and necessary.


We will keep gathering information on all fronts and take necessary measures based on our response policy.

And also, in order to prevent infection, we are so much appreciated that all visitors put masks and disinfection with alcohol upon entering our factory and office.


Thank you for your understanding