Our production and service

We mainly manufacture and distribute flexo printer for alignment layer application process for LCD production line.Not only that, we also manufacture and distribute Inkjet printer, pre-bake oven and other equipment for LCD production line.We have sold more than 800 flexo printers both in and outside Japan, receiving high reputation and win a trust from our customers.

Printing Machine Business

  • Flexo Printer
    Flexo printer can print angstrom(Å) level (less than micrometer(μ)) alignment layer stably for forming process of LCD production line. We can meet wide range of customers’ needs with high performance and high quality.
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  • Inkjet Printer
    This printer uses inkjet heads, control voltage of head nozzle hole, and possible to adjust nessesory(minimum) amount of ink. Non-contact and direct print to objects.

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  • Precision Gravure Printer
    Very high accuracy printing is acheved by offset printing method.Make a contribution to printed electronics field for next generation.

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  • Slit Coater
    Slit Coater achevied very unform thinkness layer by jetting ink from its slit shape nozzle and moving on the stage.

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Other Business

  • Plant Engineering Business
    We help you build-up the best production line by our rich experience, hi-quality service and support with our well experienced process engineers.
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  • Printing Plate
    To meet wide range of customers’ needs, we provide new concept printing plate covering from small manual printing size for development / research use, to G8.6 size mass production flexo printers.

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  • After Service Business
    We provide customers’ using our equipment secured maintenance service, quality improvement, equipment modification and suggestion. Furthermore, we provide new technologies proposal to improve your production level and quality.
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  • Semiconductors related business
    Semiconductors related business
    We sell vacuum equipment related products, such as various valves, bellows, processed products. And of course, polishing machine and wafer inspection machine are lined-up as equipment.
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