Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer uses inkjet heads, control voltage of head nozzle hole, adjust nessesory amount of ink and print at any required area. Non-contact and direct print type method.
If you have specific design drawings, it can print without a printing plate.
We manufacture and provide this inkjet printers for high accuracy thin film and high-resolution printings on electronic materials purpose in recent years.

High-speed printing and superior print quality

by high resolution printhead and its high quality print layer

Main Futures
  • Exellent print layer quality Achieved free panel design by high resolution spec inkjet printhead Exellent layer uniformity by thickness correction through ink jetting control
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership High speed printing, high throughput Accept high density ink
  • Easy operation and maintenance Reduce work load of operation by printing pattern creation function High operation rate by excellent maintenability
Print for LCD PI layer,FPD resin materials
Tact Time
Print layer informity
Ink viscosity