Semiconductors related business

We sell vacuum equipment related products, such as various valves, bellows, processed products.
And of course, polishing machine and wafer inspection machine are lined-up as equipment.

  • Parts for vacuum equipment
    Parts for vacuum equipment
    We have various type of gate valves, bellows and other parts for vacuum equipment.
  • Processed parts
    Processed parts
    We manufacture customized parts on your demand in low price, cooperate with our partner manufacturer in Japan and Korea. Please feel free to ask us for a quotation.
  • Design and manufacture equipment
    Design and manufacture equipment
    We manufacture, deliver and install equipment by customer’s requesting specification.
  • Dry Cabinet
    Dry Cabinet
    We sell dry cabinets for humidity control use.
  • Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Machine<
    Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Machine
    We sell INTEKPLUS 2D/3D Vision inspection machine.
  • Wafer Polishing Machine
    Wafer Polishing Machine
    We design, manufacture and sell wafer polishing machines, and also sell used machines.