We shall work to strictly abide by all laws and regulations in relation tothe protection of personal data based upon the policy set forth below.

Basic Policy for the Protection of Personal Data
  1. We shall strictly comply with privacy law and regulations in relation to the protection of personal data.
  2. We make the personal information management rule, provide the manager of individual information, construct the system to protect the personal information.
  3. The personal data shall be used for the nessesory and limited purpose only, except for the requested by the authority of law.
  4. The Company makes every effort to protect customer personal information with preventive and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, and leaks.
  5. When we disclose the collected personal data to the third party within the reasonable reason, we shall supervise and obligate to the third party to manage the personal data strictly.
  6. We shall not disclose the collected personal data to the third party witout the prior consent of the individual.
  7. The individual shall have the right to confirm or amend the personal date within reasonable and necessary range.
Policies Concerning the Protection of Personal Information
  1. Resistered Company name

    NAKAN TECHNO Co., Ltd.

  2. Comformity to relavant laws and Guidelines

    We use the information properly with conformity to relavant laws and guidelines of using individual numbers to specify persons for administrative procedures.

  3. Security control measure

    For the Security control measure for using individual numbers to specify persons , we clearly define the rule and include “Rules of the handing security measure information of specific persons”.