• Relief Printing
    This printing method is using ruggedness printing plate, its concave part transcribing applied ink to non-image area, and convex part transcribing applied ink to image area. It might cause uneven surface on paper by the printing pressure, and it can occur a marginal zone (a printing area becomes bigger than it should be — because of a side leakage of ink) to the printed object. Nowadays this printing method is used for magazines (black-and-white page only), cardboard and package box etc. and it’s not popular for general printing use. The printer adopting this method is called flexographic printer. Recently, it shows marked rising tendency to shift from gravure to flexography printing method in America and Europe because of its improvement of the print quality.We manufacture and distribute the Flexo Printing Equipment for applying polyimide. This equipment is widely used for processing PI thin film as alignment layer in the liquid crystal panel industry field. The outline of printing process of the Flexo Printing Equipment: The ink (Polyimide liquid) is transferred to the anilox roll whose texture holds a specific amount of ink since it is covered with thousands of small wells or cups that enable it to meter ink to the printing plate in a uniform thickness evenly and quickly after doctor roll scrapes extra ink which cannot hold in those wells or cups on the anilox roll surface (the number of cells per linear inch can vary according to the type of print job and the quality required). Our Flexo Printing Equipment are widely adopted by the major LCD panel manufacturer because of its very high printing quality.
  • Intaglio Printing
    This printing method is using ruggedness printing plate, but totally opposite from relief printing method: remove ink from its convex part, and print the ink in its concave part, its equal to: The convex part transcribing applied ink to non-image area, and the concave part transcribing applied ink to image area. This printing method is widely used in the world, especially for printing note etc. something necessary to prevent the counterfeit because it is suitable for a large amount of printing and also for high-accurate printing. One of the typical printing equipment is called Gravure Printing Equipment, which can control the precision of drawing and the thickness of ink by the size and the depth of the cell (hollow) carved for the surface of installed cylinder. One of our Precise Printing Equipment has this Intaglio type printer; it is possible to achieve ultra high accuracy and density printing. We expect there will be a great demand for this printing equipment in future, especially for resist pattern printing and electrode printing etc. purpose.
  • Lithography Printing
    Both the relief printing and the intaglio print have plates with ruggedness surface, but this lithography printing only has a flat printing plate, also, the image area and the non-image area is chemically divided. Because the plate surface of non-image area is hydrophilic treated, and image area is lipophilic treated so that lipophilic ink is only remained at image area to transcribe to objects.
  • Screen Printing
    This printing method is using printing plate with a lot of minute holes in image area. To give the printing plate a pressure from back side then it can discharge ink from minute holes to transcript to objects. This print method is generally used to print the container and clothes because it is also possible to print on curved surface. A old-fashioned mimeograph printing is one of the screen printing.
  • Offset Printing
    This printing method is to transfer ink from a printing plate to a cylinder called blanket once, then transcribe to objects. In other printing method usually print directly from printing plate to objects, but in this offset printing method, it print through transmitter. The most of them often use planograph, so planogragh offset printer is a byword of offset printing device, however, offset printing equipment using Relief Plate and Intaglio Plate is in the spotlight recently. We manufacture and distribute this Precision gravure printing equipment using Relief Plate and Intaglio Plate, for an electronic industrial printing device on ultra high accuracy and density printing purpose
  • Hyprid Printing
    This hybrid printing method applies both relief printing plate and inkjet. Apply minimum amount of ink from a inkjet head directly to printing plate, and print to printing objects. Available to print according to printing plate pattern shape, and has advantage to reduce ink remarkably compared with conventional releif printing method for high picture frame printing and normal printing. We have been contributing to cost reduction in the field of electric material with this new technologies.
  • Inkjet Printing
    Use inkjet heads, control voltage of head nozzle hole, adjust nessesory amount of ink and print at any required area. Non-contact and direct print type method. If you have specific design drawings, it can print without a printing plate. We manufacture and provide this inkjet printers for high accuracy thin film and high-resolution printings on electronic materials purpose in recent years.