Nakan Techno Co., Ltd. presented lecture in ‘Touch Taiwan 2013’

August 30(Fri.) 2013


Nakan Techno Co., Ltd. was invited the exhibition called ‘Touch Taiwan 2013’ and presented lecture in the study group called ‘Precision Printing Technology for Fabricating Metal Mesh Based Touch Sensor’ on August 30th 2013.



Nakan Techno Co., Ltd. appealed the practicality of the Precision Offset Equipment in the PE ‘Printable Electronics’ field about the printing of the circumference wiring in Touch Panel manufacture through the report of an outline of the such Equipment, the report of precise printings, the report of results of successive print, and so on.


PDF : T/P trace circuit printing and Precise Gravure Off-set printer for Printable Electronics (4.2MB)