Announcement of acquisition of shares

October 1 (Sat)


It was approved by Nakan Techno’ s Board of Directors held on 2016 September 28 that to acquire the share of Leadtech Co. , Ltd.(“Company”) and make it Nakan Techno’ s subsidiary.


1. Reason of acquiring share of the company
The company has cooperated with us for manufacturing the equipment, adjustment and installation of used equipment relocation business, and also has been developing and manufacturing original small automatic machines and inkjet printing machines, etc.
By acquiring share of the company, we can obtain its human resources and know-how and will be able to improve our service level to meet our customer’s needs.
Because of acquiring share of the company, we decided that we can expand aggressive business plan to manufacturing and sales of present equipment and used equipment relocation business which is expected to be increased its demand.


2. The outline of the Company (Leadtech Co., Ltd.)

(1) Name Leadtech Co., Ltd.
(2) Location 4-6, Chubukougyoudanchi, Iwaki-City, Fukushima Prefecture
(3) Representative’s post and name Representative director: Hisao Kimura
(4) Description of business Design, manufacturing and sale of various type of equipment
(5) Capital 20 million yen
(6) Established 1994 October 7

3. Overview of the share acquisition

(1) Schedule for acquisition of share
    Approval of Board of Directors : 2016 September 28
    The execution date of the share transfer agreement : 2016 September 29
    Share transfer date : 2016 October 1
(2) Outline of the Seller of the share
    Name : Hisao Kimura
    Address : Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture
(3) The number and the status of the acquired share
    The number of shares acquired : 320 shares (the number of voting rights: 320)
    The rate of Voting rights : 100%