NSC Plate(for Alignment layer printing use)

We meet various needs of use, for small manual printing machine for R&D to G8.6 printing machine for mass production

We have been manufactured and delivered the printing machines for alignment layer printing process of LCD production lines with over 800 units. To meet the needs of a wide range of customers, we supply printing plates with new concepts, for small manual printing machine for R&D to G8.6 printing machine for mass production.

  • Large plate without joint of PET materials
  • Plate made by direct engraving patterns
  • Plate without directivity
  • Plate which is stably supplied and reasonable price
  • Plate for short time delivery


Large plate without joint of PET materials

We have developed materials for large plates in collaboration with material manufacturers. Furthermore, using our large size and hi-precision machine manufacturing technology, we have developed a mass production technology for plates, with uniform thickness and seamless design.

Flexible Layout plate
It was impossible to place patterns at the joint area, however this large printing plate enables flexible layout of patterns, and at the same time, greatly increases the number of pattern (theoretical yield) printed on one substrate.
High Uniformity of plate thickness
This plate has very high uniformity of thickness and greatly reduce mura of the printed film, as this plate is not made of multiple sheets joints.
High Durable plate
Solvent immersion on plates after washing may peel off the lamination film from the PET joint. Seamless NSC plate is highly durable against solvent immersion.
Patterning directly by laser engraving without masking

Fast and reliable patterning is achieved by ablation, it is performed by engraving the large plate sheet directly with CO2 laser. This laser engraving enables flexible depth control.

Hi-Accuracy Patterning
Due to direct engraving by fine laser without masking process, enables high-accuracy patterning. CAD data is directly used for laser engraving, it achieved very high-accuracy patterning.
Short Lead-time
We manufacture plates without masking process. Furthermore, base plate sheet manufacturing process and laser engraving process are separated, so it enables high yield rate and low-cost manufacturing.
Low cost
Plate process and laser process is different so yield ratio is high and loss-free.
Additionally, it is unnesessory to use mask, it doesn’t cost anything for masks.
Adjustable film thickness
  • Step-edge engraving

    Step-edge engraving is also available by changing the laser setting. This step-edge makes it possible reducing deformation by printing pressure, improving pattern precision and stabilizing the film thickness at edge area.

  • Laser Engraving patterning
    1. whole surface concave engraving
      Possible to increase ink retention on whole print area
      Possible to increase film thickness
      Possible to adjust ink retention
    2. Pattern edge concave engraving
      Possible to increase ink retention at the edge
      Possible to have less ink stagnation and keep high uniformity of thickness
      Adjust concave position from the edge, possible to print thickness around the edge.
Non-directional and rough surface finish.

By Our original surface finishing process, our plate has no directivity and not necessary to mind anilox pattern interference.

The surface of the plate is non-directional roughened and prevents from pattern directivity and moiré cause of an anilox roll surface.
Great wettability and printability
Our plate is very suitable for Polyimide solvent and reduces printing mura due to the concave surface.
  1. Laser micrograph of NSC plate surface
  2. Laser micrograph of other company’s surface
Compatible with Various Film Thickness and Ink
Changing condition of plate surface, the plate will be compatible with various film thickness and various type of ink.
  1. Standard Emboss Film
  2. Beads Emboss Film Ⅰ
  3. Beads Emboss Film Ⅱ
Using highly reliable materials which is jointly developed with material manufacturers

We have developed high-durable materials suitable for PI printing process and stable supply in collaboration with chemical material manufacturers exclusively, and also achieved high reliabilities.

High Grade UV-Curable Resin
We further purify plate materials (UV-curable resin) to make the plate even higher grade.Also, delivery of the plate materials is very stable due to its monopoly supply.
Wide PET Film
We use wide and high uniformed PET film for large seamless plate
NMP-resistant Glue
We laminate PET films with high NMP (which is also used to cleaning plates)-resistant glue. This special glue and seamless design make it even more resistant to cleaning solvents.
  G8.6 G8.5 G7.5 G6.0 G5.5 G5.0
Plate size(mm) 2390x2980 2300x2790 2100x2520 1560x2065 1360x1700 1150x1500
Average plate thickness(mm) 2.84±0.03 2.84±0.03 2.84±0.03 2.84±0.03 2.84±0.03 2.84±0.03
CF/BF thickness(mm) 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Average plate thickness(mm) 3.12±0.03 3.12±0.03 3.12±0.03 3.12±0.03 3.12±0.03 3.12±0.03
CF/BF thickness(mm) 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
Total length accuracy(mm) Design value ±0.350 Design value ±0.350 Design value ±0.350 Design value ±0.300 Design value ±0.250 Design value ±0.200
Lead-time Normally within 10 business days to ship from our factory.
Above specification is standard. We can also accept less than G4.5 size. Type of the enboss film can be changed. PE(Pigeon Eye) specification is also available.
PE(Pigeon Eye)

Pigeon Eye is significantly effective for plate stretch prevention.