Flexo Printer

“Inherit the past and forge ahead into the future”

More than 800 Flexo Printers has been sold to all over the world (especially to China, Taiwan, and Korea) as well as Japan, based on our cutting edge and core printing technology. According to our accumlated know-how and lastest technologies, possible to meet customer’s various needs, such as providing technology support and equipment expansion (modification).


Flexo printer can print angstrom(Å) level (less than micrometer(μ)) alignment layer stably for forming process of LCD production line. We can meet wide range of customers’ needs from manual printer (substrate size: 200mm) to recent G8.6 printer (substrate size: 2290 X 2620mm), with high quality and high precision of printings.

Main Features
  • Superior layer shape and quality Exellent printing edge streightness Excellent thickness distribution of cross section
  • Superior mass production stability Excellent stability by high rigidity stracture Excellent process repeatability
  • Various options Plate position gap correction function Automatic Anilox Roll cleaning function AR Table Nip Camera Automatic printing plate installation function
For LCD PI layer,organic semiconductor thin film, overcoat layer printings
Printing plate
Flexo printing plate
Tact time
Print layer uniformity
Ink viscosity