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LCD production process & our equipment

LCD manufacturing process

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LCD manufacturing process consists of the array process, color filter process, cell process, and module process:
In the Array process, the transparent electrode patterns which drive the liquid crystal and the signal lines are made onto the glass substrate.
In the color filter process, the color filters are made onto the glass substrate to form the 3 primary colors, which are red, green, and blue.
In the cell process, the alignment of liquid crystal is formed, and injection of the liquid crystal materials between the glass substrates are performed, and the liquid crystal materials are sealed between the glass substrates.
In the module process, the driver IC and the back light are installed to the glass substrate.

In recent years, LCD manufacturing technology has been progressing:
Using the LCD for the TV, the glass substrate has been getting bigger and bigger, at the same time, the LCD has became ultra high accurate to correspond to these situation.

Nakan Techno has been developing, manufacturing, selling the LCD Equipment for 30 years, and has contributed very much to the progress of the LCD manufacturing technology and products of the LCD manufacturers.

TFT Array

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In the Array process, the glass substrates go through clean washing process, coating process, photolithography process, etching process, and removing process several times.
The washing process is performed to get rid of the particles from the surface of the glass substrate.
The methods of washing process are as following; washing with chemical, washing with ultraviolet rays, washing with pure water, and others, it will be selected by the most suitable washing method according to the condition of the glass substrate surface.
The manufacturer makes a metal layer for wiring or electrode by sputtering method, and makes a semi-conductor or insulating layer by CVD method. The photolithography process consists of photoresist coating process, exposure process, and developing process.
In the photoresist coating process, coating the photo resist uniformly onto the glass substrate which is already has metal layer. In the exposure process, applied the mask pattern onto the photo resist coated glass substrate by the ultraviolet ray.
In the developing process, removing the photoresist coating areas that are not needed by the developing solution.
It must be formed the ultra high accuracy pattern onto the glass substrate without a defect in a several microns meter unit.
Nakan Techno has manufactured and sold photo resist coating equipment for many years to LCD manufacturers for the photoresist coating process.


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In the cell process, the alignment of liquid crystal and injection of the liquid crystal materials between the color filter coated glass substrate and the transparent electrode patterns coated glass substrate are processed, and the liquid crystal materials are sealed between the glass substrates.
These processes are important because it affects the display quality of the LCD.
The manufacturer selects the liquid crystal mode from TN, VA, IPS, and so on, according to the use, for example TV, mobile, etc. Therefore, according to the each mode, the optimization of the alignment process is necessary.
Furthermore, according to the ultra high accuracy of the pixel of the LCD these days, the alignment technology has been progressing.
Nakan Techno has manufactured and sold the Flexo printing equipment and Ink-jet coating equipment for the forming of alignment layer, and contributed the improvement of today's LCD quality.

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