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High-Resolution Printing & Touch Panel


  • ●The trial for mass product of Touch Panel by Printable electronics has been requested high-resolution printing.

  • ●Particularly, thin lines which are less than Line/Space=30um/30um are requested around the circumference wiring, and the frame formations which are less than wave 30um are requested in processes of making light blocking layers.(*wave: means polish of frame)

  • ●Thin lines made by our Precision gravure offset printing machine and performances of light blocking layer made by our Ink-jet printing machine are described as following.

  • Precision Gravure offset printing machine for mass product

                                                                                                        *click to zoom

    The demand of the accuracy to the circumference wiring pattern has been increasing year after year.

      2013 2014
    Line width
    (representative value)
    30-40um 20-25um
    Layer thickness accuracy ±30% ±20%

    Drawing the thin lines under the 30um and thick lines at the same time in complicated Patterns are requested.

    Line width 35um, continuous printing more than 200 sheets
    (7inch sample continuous printing test in 2013)

    Continuous printing including 30um width thin lines
    and thick lines

    *click to zoom

    Silver paste 4inch Touch Panel sample,
    line width 30um (2014 year)

    Depending on the narrow frame, Line/space becomes narrow.

    Mesh Pattern (Enlarged Picture)

    *click to zoom

                                                   Roll to Roll Touch Panel circumference wiring

    Circumference Wiring
    Substrate material PET
    Min line width no more than 20μm
    Ink material Ag-Paste
    R2R conveyance speed 1-2m/min

    *click to play

    High precision Ink-jet printing machine for mass product

    High precision Ink-jet printing machine

    BM Pattern printing for Chip Glass

    BM Pattern printing for G2.5 Glass

    The cross-sectional SEM image of an edge part
    ITO conductivity at level different part of BM

    Conductive Ink (example:copper nano-Ink)

    Flexo printing machine

    Flexo printing machine
    Design technique, high reliability, mass product performance are provided by NAKAN TECHNO

    Three bit of substrates are printed at the same time

    Solution & Application

    Touch-TAIWAN  printing samples are displayed

    Term:August 27th~August 29th, 2014
    Place:Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition hall
    Booth:Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI)
                 Mechanical and System Research Laboratories

  • <Photograph upper right>
  • Roll to Roll method metal-mesh printing to thin glass substrate sample
  • <Photograph lower left>
  • Introduction of printing machine animation
  • <Photograph lower right>
  • OGS printing to GZO substrate sample (OC,Bridge, circumference wiring)

    All samples are made by the Precision Gravure Offset printing machine.

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