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Definition of terms

Explanation about the structure and technical terms of liquid crystal.

The structure of liquid crystal

The structure of liquid crystal

The glossary of abbreviation for FPD

ACF anisotropic conducitive film
AFLC anti ferroelectric liquid cyrstal
AM active matrix, One of the driving system of display.
BM black matrix, One of the part of the color filter.
CCD charge coupled device
CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp
CF color filter, One of the method of colorization.
CIF common intermidiate format, Format to be converted for TV etc.
CMOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor
COF chip on film
COG chip on glass, The technology to in stall bear tip on glass substrates.
CRT cathode ray tube
CSH color super homeotropic, One of the LCD mode.
CVD chemical vapor deposition
DAC digital to analog converter
DLP digital light processing
DMGH double metal guest host, LCD mode called "Guest Host" (Double metal)
dpi dot par inch, unit name for resolution for Printing and Display.
DSP digital signal processer
DSTN dual-scan super twisted nematic, One of the STN LCD Panel method.
DVI digital video interface
ECB electrically controlled birefringence, One of the LCD made.
ECR electron cyclotron resonance
EL electroluminescence
ELA excimer laser anneal
EMI electro-magnetic interface
EPD electorophoretic display
FED field emission display
FLC ferroelectric liquid crystal
FPD flat panel display
FS field sequential
HDTV high definition television
HPDLC holographic polymaer dispersed liquid crystal
HTPS high temperature poly silicon
HVGA half video graphics array, Half VGA format, 640x240 or 320x480 size.
IPS in-plane switching, To widen the view angle, use side electric field.
ITO indium tin oxide, One of the transparent conduction film.
LCD liquid crystal display
LCOS liquid crystal on silicon
LED light emitting diode
LTPS low temperature poly silicon
LVDS low voltage differential signaling, One of the low differential interface.
MCM Multi-chip module
MD-TFD Mobile Digital-Thin Film Diode
MIM metal-insulator-metal
MLA microlens array, Optical parts to focus light.
MLA multi-line addressing
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group/Moving Picture Image Coding Experts Group, organization to standardize color motion picture coding.
MVA multi-domain vartically aligend
MUSE multiple sub-Nyquist samle encoding
NTSC National Television System Committee
OCB optically compensated bend または optically compensated birefringence
OD optical density
OLED organic light emitting diode
PAL phase alternation by line, Mainly Europe and China adopt this TV Broadcasting Mode.
PALC plasma addressed liquid crystal
PDP plasma display panel
PPI pixel per inch
PVA patterned vertically aligned
QCIF quarter common intermidiate format
QVGA quarter video graphics array
RGB red、green、blue
RIE reactive ion etching
RSDS reduced swung differential signaling, One of the Digital Interface for LCD.
SOG spin on glass
STN super twisted nematic, One of the LCD material.
SVGA super video graphics array, Generic name for Display mode over VGA.
SXGA super extended graphics array
TAB tape-automated bonding, The technology to install LSI tip on tape film.
TCP tape carrier package, Thin LSI package consisted of LSI tip bonded on tape film.
TEOS tetraethylorthosilicate, One of the insulating film.
TFD thin film diode
TFT thin film transistor
TMDS transition minimized differential signaling, One of the digital interface.
TN twisted nematic
UXGA ultra extended graphics array, Generally 1600 x 1200 pixels Display format.
VA vertucally aligned, One of the LCD mode.
VESA Video Electronics Standard Association, Organization to standardize Visual and Audio.
VGA video graphics array, 640 x 480 pixels Display format.
XGA extended graphics array, 1024 x 768 pixels Display format.

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