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Precision Offset Printing Equipment

Realized high precision printing by adoption of gravure method.
Lining up two types, gravure method and flat plate method contributing to the next generation process development in the printed electronics filed.


  • Realization of process saving
    - Costsaving by pattern printing of electrode resist
    - Environment protection by reduction of the fluid volume
  • High precision printing
    - High reproducibility by lenear motor driving and motion control.
    - Superb linearity and stability thanks to the high rigidity structure.
  • High finely-resolved printing
    - Realization of precision printing by finely-resolved plate and high transfer technology.


  • - PDP electrode (Silver parts)
  • - CF (Resist material)
  • - TFT (Resist material)


  Gravure Offset Flat Plate Offset
PLATE(Mat) Roll engraved plate Flat Plate
Ink viscosity 500 - 15000cps 2 - 500cps
Application Silver paste, Resist Resist

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