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INK-JET Coating Equipment

The printer realizes high speed printing by super quality coating by high resolution printhead.


  • Good film quality
    - improvement of panel design flexibility by high resolution printhead.
    - Fine film uniformity by jetting volume control and film thickness adjustment.
  • Redution of total cost of ownership (TCO)
    - High speed printing and high through put.
    - Adjustible to hig density ink.
  • Excellent handling and maintenance property
    - Reduction of operational cost by property of an easy printing pattern data creation.
    - High productivity thanks to an excellent maintenance property.


  • - PI Alignment layer for LCD.
  • - FPD resin material


Tact time 30sec./sheet
Film Thickness uniformity Within ±5%
Ink viscosity 5 - 25cps

* Specifications : G8.

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