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Flexo printing Equipment

We have an impressive sales record of achievement, have sold more than 800 equipment for PI film formation process for LCD manufacturing lines all over the world.
We meet various needs of the market from a small, manual printer for R&D use, to the latest G8.5 automatic printer for production use.


  • Excellent film formation and quality.
    - Superb linearity at printing edge
    - Good cross-section profile
  • Excellent stability for mass production
    - Good stability thanks to the high rigidity
    - Excellent to reproduce the process
  • Large selection of option
    - Ink supply system (quantity controlled)
    - Automatic alignment function
    - Lifter for roll exchange


  • - PI coating for LCD
  • - Organic semiconductor film
  • - Insulation protection film


Printing plate Flexo relief printing plate
Tact Time 45sec/sheet
Film thickness uniformity Within ±10%
Suitable ink viscosity 2 - 100cps

* Specifications : G8.

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