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We mainly manufacture and distribute flexo printer for alignment layer application process for LCD production line.Not only that, we also manufacture and distribute Ink jet printer, precision offset printing equipment , and provide high quarity printing technology and other equipments for LCD production line. We have sold more than 800 flexo printers in various generations, from small manual printer for reserch & developmet use, to the latest pinter for G8 for production use. We are receiving high reputation and win a trust from our customers.

We have an impressive record of acheivement to build-up (include; planning, design, set-up and test-run) and transfer. any kind of LCD production lines by our rich experienced process engineers. We guarantee the Hi-quality service and support technically and logically on your needs.We provide customers' who purchase our equipment worry-free maintenance service, quality improvement, equipment modification and suggestion. We have constructed the system that we can cope with the urgent request from the cliants in Japan, China, Taiwan, and Korea.
Printer Plant Engineering Service Maintenance Services

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