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Plant Engineering Service

We help you build-up the best production line by our rich experience, hi-quality service and support with our process engineers


  • 1) Planning of new production line (project, design, and installation/test run)
  • 2) Transfer line/device (dismantlement and restoration/start-up)
  • 3) Technical support by our process engineers.

Our specialities

  • 1) Long experience and impressive record of achievement in FPD field since 1995.
  • 2) STN, TFT and the Touch Panel Production Line.
  • 3) Make up concepts of production line/specifications
  • 4) Quickest set up the line depends on the original plan
  • 5) Total support by cooperating with equipment and material manufacturers

Our achievement


Technical support


Example: Production line/Equipment dismantle/set-up

We guarantee the accurate work based on a basic plan.

Example: dismantlement

Example: Export packing

Support structure

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