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Maintenance Services

We provide customers' who purchase our equipment worry-free maintenance service, quality improvement, equipment modification and suggestion.

Our business

  • - Equipment maintenance such as overhaul
  • - Correspondence and support in emergency trouble
  • - Equipment modification and suggestion and work
    • Quantitative supply system
    • High-performance image processor

Quantitative supply system introduction system

[ Before ]

[ After ]

Support structure

Equipment inspection item example

Equipment name No. Inspection content Inspection time Inspection frequency
Printer 1 Home position repeat accuracy 1H Every time
2 Traveling repeat accuracy 1H Every time
3 Plate cylinder and Anilox Roll vibration 1H Every time
4 Table lift repeat accuracy 1H Every time
5 Table gap measurement 2H Every time
6 Gear wear 1H Every time
7 Cleaning rack wear 1H Every time
8 Transfer fork movement 1H Every time
9 Oil change 2H Every time
10 Grease up 2H Every time
11 Consumables 1H Every time
12 Operation Training 3H Option
13 Image movement 1H Option
Pre-bake oven 16 Abnormal noise 0.5H Every time
17 Lift repeat accuracy 1H Every time
18 Consumables 1H Every time
19 Operation training 1H Option

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