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R&D for Printing technologies

We have R&D facilities in our factory clean room, such as test and measurement equipment, which is located at Headquater in Sakura City, try to achieve Flexo, Precise, and Ink-jet printing technology's new possibilities.
We mainly reserch surface of printing quality, position accuracy, film thickness, print resolution and production effeciency.


配向膜塗布用Flexo printing EquipmentをコアにInkjet、精密印刷機、精密加工への展開を推進
  • Flexography Printing Method
    • To expand its printing technology to other application
    • Compatibility with Mat, Roll, Ink.
  • Ink-jet Printing Method
    • Uniformity printing in large area
    • Printing maskless pattern
    • Hi-accurated positioned printing
  • Precision Printing Method
    • Printing high-definition pattern for industry use
  • Laser ablation
    • Mask Projection technology
    • Precision image process software technology

Facility introduction

Equipment for test use

  Equipment name Number of units
Testing equipment Flexio printer 2
Ink jet printer 2
Precision printer 1
Laser processing equipment 2
Roll coater 1
Slit coater 1
Measuring machine Light microscope
Spectroscopic ellipsometer
Contact bump meter
Noncontact film thickness meter
Plane coordinate measuring machine
Contact angle indicator
Static electricity indicator
Viscosity meter
Laser cutter
Batch cleaning equipment
  • R&D

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