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Message from our President

President Yoshihisa Sato
President Yoshihisa Sato

Welcome to the Nakan Techno website. This website offers information that would enhance your understanding of our products and various corporate activities.

Our basic idea and business policy are "Build a bright future with inventive idea", "With all sincerity, create a result" and "Challenge, and achieve the goal".
All of our staff work on own daily task with this conception of originality, sincerity, and the challenging spirit. Our goal is to gather our force to develop impressive equipment and contribute to society's development. We, Nakan Techno was established by trade name Nakanishi Tekkojo Co., Ltd. in 1937, and has been developed consistently as a printer manufacturer. In recent years, we have mainly been working in flat-panel display industry in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and Europe as a world's top maker of alignment layer printing equipment for Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). We mainly do design, manufacturing and sales of alignment layer printing equipment.

Under these circumstances, to meet various social needs by making the best use of information and cooperation in Helios Techno Group, we are working hard to develop the technologies and transform into a top-level diversified printing equipment manufacturer for LCD industry field by stepping up further research and development based on our printing technology we have experienced for a long time.

We keep on endeavor to manufacture and supply excellent equipment with new technologies with a strong willpower.
I would like to ask for everyone's encouragement and warm support.

January 2011
Nakan Techno Co., Ltd.
Yoshihisa Sato

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